online bingo websites

Why are there so many online bingo websites?
With hundreds of online bingo sites are the web and roughly ten new sites opening up every month, this question is on the tongues of a lot of people this year. Why are there so many? What are the differences between them all and which ones should you trust with your hard-earned money?
The numbers explained
There is one fairly simple answer to why there are so many online bingo sites, and that reason is that it’s a flipping huge community, meaning ever bigger profits and a general market dominance when it comes to online gambling. You can see that every big gambling organisation has their stake in online bingo and that’s simple because they would be daft not to have some investment, which is, by the way, in the billions.
A bingo company for every word
I don’t care to count all the online bingo companies there are out there, but you can pretty much guarantee that if you think of a word and put it before ‘bingo’, you will find an already existing bingo company. Pick anything and it will probably exist. If you find anything that doesn’t already exist then tweet the name of your fictional bingo company, e.g. ‘Dodo Bingo’ with the hashtag #toomanybingosites and we’ll compare results.
How to pick the right bingo site
Looking through all these sites can feel a bit like sieving sand to find your favourite grain, and it’s not something a customer that is willing to spend their money should have to do. There are plenty of review sites out there, but the trouble that a lot of them will be paid by the bigger bingo companies to sell their page for them.
As a rough guide, you’re better to go with brand who have some established trust. This means that companies that have started within 6months that you haven’t heard of before may be worth swerving for a few more months. That’s not to say that they are crooks that will take all your money, but it gives you a little piece of mind to know that a company has lasted a few years, so is more than likely doing a decent job and getting a lot of players to their site.
Picking a site that plays to you you can figure out which sites are established and trustworthy then the next step is to pick a site that appeals to your particular play style, or the things you find most enjoyable from the game. That can extend to free incentives like %100 signup bonuses or free cash giveaways- which most sites tend to do now- but also quirky bonuses like Bingo Cams, in which players hook up their webcam to a bingo room to give the effect of playing in an actual bingo hall with everyone.