Vegas Gambling

If you are seeking an incredible destination for your next family vacation, then look no further than Las Vegas - the city that is full of fun in every inch. Just visit the city and enjoy what it has to offer. We all know that Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world and so many people think it is a good vacation spot, but certainly not a good vacation spot for the whole family. But the fact is that Las Vegas is more than casinos. Unfortunately most people who come here just go by plane, take a taxi to the hotel or casino, play all you want, take the taxi back to the airport and back to where they came from. Usually neglect the beauty that this city has to offer. Therefore we have listed some natural and manmade, that can also serve as tourist attractions, while you are in Las Vegas:

Red Rock Canyon is located in the west of the city and promises spectacular views, including red cliffs, desert beauty, and some unique wildlife. It is also famous for being an oasis of natural beauty, a few miles from Las Vegas. There is a 13-mile loop offers spectacular views of the canyon's history and there are many ways to achieve worthwhile for cameras clicked.

Mount Charleston is also located in the west of Las Vegas. Its time range depends on where you are in Las Vegas, but usually, it takes about 45 minutes to get there. It's the best place you can visit in any season. The temperature here is much less than the Las Vegas Valley. This means that when it is 115 degrees in Las Vegas, Mount Charleston is enjoying the freshness of 80 degrees. There are many opportunities for outdoor activities including hiking, camping, skiing and more.

Lake Mead was created by the Hoover Dam and has its place in the top 20 of the largest artificial lakes in the world. This lake extends about 1.5 million acres and has a coastline of about 820 kilometers. This lake offers year-round opportunities for boating, hiking, swimming and motorboat racing. Lake Mead is managed and run by "the National Park Service."

Laughlin is located about 1 hour drive from the city of Las Vegas and is situated on the banks of the Colorado River. The place has a very impressive view of the mountains and the river environment presents an alternative of peace and tranquility to the fast paced life of Las Vegas and its state, Nevada. There are many famous casinos here, but one might be called a fool if you forget to feel the natural beauty of the place. More than 5 million visitors come here each year.

Valley of Fire: a park is spread in 35,000 acres of land and is located in the northeast of Las Vegas. Here you can see the view of the valley millions of years old. A little drive through the park can give you the opportunity to explore the park more beauties. A short walk will show you the view of a water tank that was used as a hideout by American Indians in the 18th century.

So, the next time I go to Las Vegas, make sure that you have the opportunity to visit these beauties and more near Las Vegas and then you get to know why more and more Americans are choosing Las Vegas as their favorite holiday destination.